AFC model intarsia knitting machine with belt yarn carrier up and down letf and right #flatKnitting

longixng new model AFC352C 3 system flat bed knitting machine.
Yarn Carrier:8+8 belt driving yarn carrier support reverse plating. Yarn carrier two motor control, one servo motor driving left and right move, One step motor driving yarn feeder up and down.

Carriage:, 3 system 5.2inch cam box small carriage,3-way selection system, all system can knitting tuck transfer. Step motor control raise cam, more reliable

Needle Bed:52inch needle bed insert needle bed changeable transfer needle full selection system

Take Down:comb system belt roller and comb take down equipped Auto yarn gripper and scissors

Sinker system: open sinker with deep adjustable cam system.

Racking:4 inch racking system

Automatic Lubrication: computer control Pump to oil to carriage brush lubrication to needle bed, Racking system, Lubrication time and quantity automatic control

Clear System: for needle bed clean , gripper clean and fabric Auxiliary drop by blow air, roller rewind by blow airprevent.

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