Coming Soon: Beginner Sock Knit-Along with One Big Happy Yarn Co & Jenny Fish

Knit-Along begins April 15 with new videos each Thursday by 10 AM central.

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Join us in April for the perfect warm weather project: SOCKS! Incredibly portable and endlessly fun, socks can be a little intimidating to knit. Don't worry, Jenny Fish will break it down for you in four weekly lessons.

~About One Big Happy Yarn Company~
We're One Big Happy Yarn Co., a sister company of Missouri Star Quilt Co. We want to be your local yarn shop—no matter your zip code. Our store (retail location opening soon!) is based in Hamilton, MO but you can visit us online from all over the world. We're here to help you all the way through to the finish; sharing tips, tricks, patterns & tutorials. We welcome knitters, crocheters & anyone who loves yarn.

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