Confident Knitting: Catching Floats with Both Yarns in Right Hand

This video shows you how to catch floats in stranded colourwork when holding both yarns in your right hand, for even, consistent colourwork. See our video for holding one yarn in each hand here:
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This video is part of our Confident Knitting series. The pattern featured in this video is the Variance Hat by Janette Budge which can be found, along with in-depth photo tutorials, in our book, Confident Knitting. Find out more about Confident Knitting on our website:

0:00 Introduction
0:32 What Is a Float?
1:33 Stranding Too Tightly
2:24 Stranding Too Loosely
3:11 How Often Should You Catch a Float?
4:40 Some Rules of Thumb
6:55 Catching In at the Same Spot
8:40 Holding Both Yarns in One Hand for Colourwork
9:12 Catching in the Pattern Colour Yarn Behind the Background Yarn
11:05 Catching the Background Colour Behind the Pattern Colour
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