Easy Knitting Pattern: Mock Turkish Stitch ONLY 2 ROW REPEAT

This easy knitting pattern is called the Mock Turkish stitch and as integrate as it looks, it is only a 2-row repeat! So easy. I hope you give this pattern a try. If you have questions or need help, leave me a comment.

I am using a 4 mm knitting needle in this video.

Cast-On in multiple of 2 stitches + 2 edge stitches

Knitting Pattern:
Row 1: K1 (edge), *SL1, K1, passo, YO*, K1 (edge)
Row 2: K1 (edge), *P2tog, YO*, K1 (edge)

Time stamps for this knitting video tutorial:
1:10 - Row 1
3:03 - Row 2

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