Easy, neat rib cast on - any knitting machine

Wendy showed us this lovely easy cast on at our group meeting today, Bairnsdale Machine Knitting Club. Sorry about the background noise, but it was unavoidable. The essential bits are zig zag cast on, hang comb, disconnect the ribber carriage and bring it across and back & reconnect. This will of course drop all the bottom stitches. Do another zigzag row and cast on as normal, 3 circular rows etc. At the end of the video, Wendy shows how to finish and neaten the edge - about an inch from the other end of the row ie the row with no yarn hanging from it, pull up a loop. Lightly steam the edge to how you want it to sit, then snip the yarn at the edge where it comes out (this means you don’t even have to sew in an end) & then pull the rest right thru. Cathy was trying to tell us how to knit fisherman’s rib, by pushing up the P-R knob, but she forgot to say the left or right part button has to be up as well. The machine wasn’t knitting too well either, so we had some ugly spots, but the edge was perfect. Wendy was using a Brother KH860 machine.
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