Fair Isle Knitting Charts | How to Read & Convert Charts | Tutorial for Beginners

In this tutorial I run through how to read a simple Fair Isle chart (for both flat knitting and circular knitting), which is aimed at beginners.

I'll then explain how to convert a flat knitting Fair Isle chart into a circular knitting chart, which is a method that can be used the other way too, to convert circular to flat knitting charts.

Basically, remember that when converting flat knitting to circular knitting, 'wrong side' rows (usually even numbered rows) are REVERSED - so knit stitches become purl stitches and purl stitches become knit stitches.
And when converting from circular knitting charts to flat knitting charts it's the same concept, with the even-numbered rows being reversed and becoming 'wrong side' rows (and purl and knit stitches being swapped.)

It's possible you could come across a Fair Isle chart that just shows a single unit or 'motif' that must be repeated across your work i.e. the chart doesn't show the full width of your knitting, but just shows the pattern section that is repeated across your work.
In this case, the concept is exactly the same, except you repeat row 1 of the chart over and over on your first knitted row, until you reach the end of that first row of knitting. This is repeated for all the rows of your knitting.
Your pattern, however, should spell this out for you and tell you how many times you will need to repeat the pattern chart design over each row :)

This tutorial can also be applied to some other types of color work chart too; not just Fair Isle charts.

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