Franklin Habit's Knitting and Needlework Vlog, Episode 15: Simple Knitting Made Fussy

Goodness, but I'm a little chatterbox in this one.

The garden has taken a leap forward and so, I am happy to say, has the 1880s lace shawl.

The next saddle-shouldered sweater, which will have traveling twisted stitch patterns running from the shoulders down the sleeves, is at last at the starting gate after a significant detail of construction that I'd overlooked.

In addition, digressions on both the fundamental nature of "folk" knitting techniques and on steeks, and why you should learn to use them. Are you sure you're ready for this much excitement?

**Stuff in This Video**

I am knitting a sideways linen stitch scarf (there's no pattern–but if you hunt around you can find the method online) using discontinued colorways of:

Noro Silk Garden Sock (

The custom-fit patterns for my top-down sweaters were generated at:

The new sweater is being knit in Stone Soup Fingering from Bare Naked Wools:

My recommended book for traveling twisted-stitch patterns is "Twisted Stitch Knitting" by Maria Erlbacher, published by Schoolhouse Press. Available at or through:

The photographs of twisted stitch patterns shown in the video are from Liesl Fanderl's amazing three-volume work (in German), "Bäuerliches Stricken":

The 1880s shawl is being knit in Sophistisock from MJ Yarns:

Subscriptions and single issues of PieceWork Magazine (published by Long Thread Media) are available here:

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