FREE PATTERN | Easy Knit Top Down Raglan Sweater | Full Tutorial

If you've wanted to try to knit a sweater, now is the time! This sweater is a classic, top-down raglan sweater with a simple construction knit with worsted weight yarn. Its top-down construction allows you to customize the armhole depth and arm and body length as you go. This raglan sweater has no neckline shaping and no body shaping, but has decreases for the sleeves. Feel free to change up the colors or use this as a foundational design to build something more unique off of.

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FALL BLUFF SWEATER TUTORIAL (for instructions on knitting the neckband)⇢ (for instructions on knitting the neckband)

0:00 Intro
2:15 How to find the Pattern PDF
4:07 Supplies
8:10 LLI + RLI Increases
13:12 How to Switch to a Longer Needle
16:53 How to Make Sure Your Raglan is Wide Enough
20:26 LLI + RLI one more time
23:27 How to Divide for the Body
34:01 Join Yarn
36:38 Knit the Body Ribbing
38:17 How to Bind Off
40:55 Knit the Sleeves
How to Weave in Ends and Seam Armholes

4-6 Skeins Lion Brand Wool Ease ⇢
5mm 16" Circular Knitting Needle ⇢
5mm 24" Circular Knitting Needle ⇢
5mm 32" or 40" Circular Knitting Needle ⇢
4 Stitch Markers ⇢
Scissors ⇢
Tapestry Needle ⇢
Tape Measure ⇢
Waste Yarn

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