Grafting stockinette two ways // Technique Tuesday

This video shows two ways of grafting stockinette that has been knit flat (back and forth). One method joins two separate pieces, and the other grafts two ends of the same piece of fabric. Most of the process is the same for both methods, but the setup for each differs. The strip grafted into a tube has even edges, while the two separate pieces are joined with an unavoidable half-stitch offset.

I highly recommend practicing these techniques on a swatch before using them in a project, in order to gain some muscle memory.

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To jump right to a specific point in the video, click on the adjacent time stamped link:
Introduction 0:00
The two scenarios explained: 0:49
Set up for two separate pieces (worked in opposite directions, with respect to the graft): 2:29
Set up for joining a strip into a tube (worked in the same direction, with respect to the graft): 4:42
Working the graft (for both scenarios): 7:12
Tips for remembering where you are and what to do next: 8:26
Final steps (grafting two pieces): 11:14
Final steps (grafting a tube): 11:46
Offset edges vs even edges: 13:10
Fixing tension across the graft: 14:06
Final words: 15:16

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