Hand Embroidery । Super Easy and unique Leaf Embroidery Trick ।

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Basic Embroidery Stitches
Learning all the different hand embroidery stitches is not as difficult as you think. Embroidery is a handicraft that uses yarn and needle to create a beautiful design pattern.

You can certainly create and have fun at the same time by simply creating your own embroidery .

But before you can make different hand embroidery designs, you need to learn these types of stitches in embroidery we’re about to share! Enhancing your skills on embroidery stitches is one way of producing an embroidery masterpiece.

Learning all the embroidery stitches can be challenging and daunting. But let me tell you this: embroidery is super easy!
Just think of it this way — it’s just coloring with thread! Keep reading as we share 17 types of hand embroidery stitches we can’t live without.
1. Running Stitch
2. Back Stitch
3. Split Stitch
4. Stem Stitch
5. Satin Stitch
6. French Knot Stitch
7. Chain Stitch
8. Lazy Daisy Stitch
9. Feather Stitch
10. Seed Stitch
11. Herringbone Stitch
12. Detached Chain Stitch
13. Fly Stitch
14. Woven Wheel Stitch
15. Couching Stitch
16. Blanket Stitch
17. Bullion Knot
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