How to Knit - In-the-Round for Beginners | Lesson 8 (Left Handed)

LEFT HANDED - Learn how to knit in the round with Lesson 8 of my How to Knit for Complete Beginners series. This tutorial video shows the free Moss Cowl pattern (link below) plus has loads of tips including calculating cast on, basic pattern reading, using a magic loop, making sure you have enough yarn for a 1 skein project, and troubleshooting common problems. This is the 8th in 12 complete lessons that include patterns to reinforce your new skills and knowledge. Visit my blog for details:

Moss Cowl:

Right Handed
Left Handed

Bind Off Beginner or cast off
Weave tails in Garter Stitch

Lesson 8 Timestamps - click time:
00:00:00 Welcome
00:00:29 Overview - What’s covered in this video
00:01:12 Supplies for Pattern
00:02:39 Using different yarns & getting same size item
00:04:02 Start Pattern Reading HERE
00:07:36 TIP for 1 ball project; mark end of yarn for bind-off
00:11:03 Pull out enough yarn to cast on
00:11:56 TECHNIQUE - Cast on to get right gauge
00:15:53 Connecting in the round - MAGIC LOOP
00:19:10 Round 1
00:20:14 Magic Loop Troubleshoot - Moving cable loop
00:21:28 TIP - Magic Loop moving as you go
00:22:23 Round 2
00:22:53 Moving cable again in Magic Loop
00:23:39 Ending And 2 - Notes on twisting, etc
00:24:04 Round 3
00:25:07 Round 4
00:25:24 Repeating instructions for cowl
00:21:27 Bind off in-the-round in pattern
00:29:36 Finishing bind off in the round - connect
00:32:10 Finishing - Weaving tails
00:35:04 Wrap Up

IMPORTANT INFO Blog (Needles and yarn, etc - see video list for more)

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Learn how to knit with this video series designed for complete beginners. This video overview introduces you to the supplies and tools you'll need to start needle knitting. You learn about types of knitting needles, how to read a yarn label, other supplies and a preview of stitches and techniques covered in upcoming lessons. The 12 complete lessons in this series include patterns to reinforce your new skills and knowledge.

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