How to Knit Puff Sleeves on a Knitting Machine and Seam to Top - Beginner LK150 Tutorial - Part 4/5

Top and Skirt Pattern:

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Hello! Today I will be teaching you how to knit puff sleeves on a knitting machine, which I demonstrate on my LK-150. This is part 4 of a 5 part series on how to make this top and skirt set. In it I demonstrate all of the techniques used to make my new pattern "Date Night" which you can find linked above. The pattern contains 10 sizes, and in this video I demonstrate making the size 3.

The techniques I cover in this video are how to knit the two decrease rows at the top of the sleeve on your knitting machine to create the puff sleeve look, how to bind off, and exactly how I seam the sleeves to the Top using mattress stitch. Enjoy!

Here is a list of times of everything demonstrated in the video:

Overview of sleeve - 1:05
First decrease row - 1:38
Second decrease row - 2:49
Binding off - 3:49
Seaming sleeve to top - 4:56
Seaming decrease rows at top of sleeve - 7:16
Reaching end of sleeve seam and tips for adjusting to fit - 9:51
Finished sleeves - 10:55
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