I’ll Knit (& Spin!) If I Want To: Episode 44 (SNEAK PEEKS!)

Welcome to I’ll Knit (and Spin!) If I want To! I asked y’all to send in some of your questions (from everything from fiber arts, to designing and on!) so I could put together a little video for y’all every Friday doing my best to answer your questions!

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In this week’s episode we cover:

1. Hi Andrea, I am a big fan of yours from Belgium. I am also just a beginner in knitting. I am currently knitting your ginny. I've learned a lot from you already. My question to you. is there a more convenient way to knit the sleeves. Those are small circles that we knit, I don't like turning my work with every row. I have the impression that I lift and turn my work more than I am knitting. That's why I like doing the body. Thanks so much for your time.

Ginny Sweater:

2. I have a question about mistakes! I'm not a new knitter (I've been knitting since I was a kid), but only really started taking on more complex projects this year. The problem is, except for dropped stitches, every time I make a mistake I'm REALLY hesitant to go back and fix them. When I do frog or tink I feel like I end up making the mistake worse. Whether it's missing an increase, forgetting a brioche yarn over, or twisting the wrong stitch, it's like I can't figure out how to put anything but a normal knit or purl back on my needles without making a mess of everything. Do you have any tips?

3. I LOVE your DRK Everyday sweater that you knit with your handspun yarn. I know the pattern is written in stockinette but it looks to me like this particular DRK Everyday sweater was knit in reverse stockinette. Did you just knit it as written and wear it inside out or did you alter the pattern? Thank you so much!!!! (P.S. I Love your videos, tutorials, patterns and I am grateful for all that you do and the joy & information you bring to the knitting community!)

4. When your kids were little (toddler ages), how did you find time to knit? If you weren't able to knit much, how old were they when you could dive back into your craft? I'd love for my daughter to see me knitting more often, but she's a little too fascinated with yarn and how "fun" it can be to unwind a yarn-cake if you catch my drift lol. She's 2yo

5. I love your weekly videos, and am especially excited about your spinning! I’m a brand new spinner, and just recently learned how to chain ply (it’s so much fun)! So my question is when would you want to do a chain ply vs a double ply? I’m also trying to decide if I want to spin a sweater quantity for your nurtured sweater, or spin some fun yarn for your drk everyday socks!! Any advice on which would be a better project for a new spinner but seasoned knitter. Thanks so much!
Nurtured Sweater:

DRK Everyday Socks:

6. How do you measure the length of your handspun? I am a new spinner (6 months+ in!) and I so far only have a niddy noddy to measure my handspun. I spin fairly consistently, but I have never gotten around to counting the strands on the niddy noddy before skeining up - there's just too much yarn on the niddy noddy to count. Thank you for sharing more of your spinning journey! Spinning has made me a better knitter and I'm so passionate about how I can support more local and family farms, as they typically sell wool and roving but don't often have millspun yarn.
Akerworks Super Skeiner: https://www.akerworks.com/products/super-skeiner?variant=32198301024321
Fiber Artist Supply Co. Yardage Counter: https://www.fiberartistsupply.com/yarn-meter-pro/

I am wearing DRK Everyday Sweater:

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