Knitting in the Round: Avoiding Twist!

When knitting in the round one of the most common challenges is avoiding an unwanted twist when joining in the round. I'll share with you my favorite tip for avoiding this AND find out how you can fix it if you do accidentally introduce a twist when casting on in the round - NO FROGGING. Bonus: Learn what is a Mobius and what is a Fauxbius. (*Indicates an affiliate link. As an affiliate I may earn a commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. This helps support my channel and website. Thank you!)

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1:53 Introduction
3:51 Mobius vs Fauxbius
7:11 Casting On with Stitch Markers
10:50 Another way to Place Markers
12:10 Setting Up to Join in the Round
14.31 Joining in the Round
19:07 Final Check / Fixing a Twist

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