LK 150 knitting machine FC 6 fair isle carriage

Knitted a bag with keyboard pattern using a FC6 fair isle carriage. 100% acrylic yarn, #4 Red Heart.
#7 tension dial
#5 stitch dial to row 60 and change to stitch dial #3 at row 60 to 80

125 stitches, 80 rows total. Cast off. Sew side and bottom.
Strap. 20 stitch, 300 row. Seam sides to make long tube. Sew onto bag.

0:25 explaining the two carriages
1:02 How to use the FC6 Carriage
1:51 first part of Fair isle knitting with 3 white stitches 1 black and repeat for 6 rows
2:58 knitting sharps and flats black keys next 10 rows
6:57 end of Fair Isle knitting and start of 2 black rows
7:05 removed white yarn and move black yarn to slot 1 from slot 2 and switch nob back to O and lever II
7:57 gray yarn rows 41 to 60 at stitch dial 5
8:47 switch back to regular carriage from FC6 carriage for the last 20 rows.
10:02 casting off
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