Simple Mock Cable Ribbing Knitting Stitch Pattern

Simple mock cables ribbing is an easy but cute knitting stitch pattern, perfect to add a little extra detail to your knitting project! Use it for cuffs, hats, or pockets for example. In this video I show how to knit mock cables over two stitches in the round. Give it a try!

Why knit mock cables instead of real cables? Because it's easy, you don't need a cable needle, and they look cute!

For more information about mock cables visit my blog:

Rows 1–3: *K2, P2* repeat between *–* til end of round
Row 4: *k2tog leaving the stitches on the left needle, then knit into the first stitch again and let the stitches slide off the needle, P2* repeat *–* the whole round.

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