Very Beautiful Mala|| Kanth Mala || Flower Garland Type Necklace || Shreeji Shringar || Matching Set

Welcome to Beautiful Kanth Mala :
This tutorial is to make matching Kanth Mala of Cherry Blossom Gadiji Mala. Also made Kundals (Ear Studds).
Material Needed :
Material Needed :
- Yellow Seed Beads 12/0
- Very Light Pink Seed Beads 11/0
- Peach Colour Seed Beads 11/0
- Dark Pink Seed Beads 11/0
- Sea Green Seed Beads 11/0
- Silver Seed Beads 8/0
- Silver Seed Beads 11/0
- Cotton Thread
- Needle Size 11
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