What's Coming On Knit With Hannah In 2022

What's Coming On Knit With Hannah In 2022

With a few changes happening on Knit With Hannah, I'll be sharing how we'll be moving forward into 2022.
I'll also share what content you can expect in the first 2 months and what we're planning for the knitting kits.

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0:00 spoilers!
0:30 the plans for Jan and Feb
2:00 find more videos here
2:30 the big change for 2022
4:00 no change here!
4:40 background changes make a big difference
6:30 beach holiday anyone?
07:10 how many videos?
07:35 the kits they are-a changing
09:00 capsule kits
10:25 embracing the ease

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Would you like a crowd of besties to cheer on your every row and finished knit?

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And often have Knit-Alongs associated with the knitting kits which give you one-to-one video access to me via live knit and natter Q&As.

Stick around, we’re so happy you’re here!

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