Wildflower Wool Knitting Podcast - Yarn Dominance in Fair Isle Knitting

What is yarn dominance in fair isle knitting, how to hold your yarn while knitting and how to avoid problems while knitting, tips for tension when knitting fair isle patterns and suggestions for carrying the floats across the back of your knitting.

This week's New Start Monday project poll winner from Instagram is going to be knit into a pot holder.
Last week's New Start Monday project the lace shawl is still in the swatching stage but I am having fun knitting up different eyelet patterns. I love a double yarn over!

I finished knitting a sock during last weekend's sock knitting challenge hosted by the Fibre Friends Podcast.

Have a great knitting week everyone

I would love to know how you hold the yarn when you are knitting a fair isle pattern, let's chat in the comments

Happy Knitting,

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