Yarn Dominance in Fair Isle Knitting

In this video, I talk about and demonstrate "yarn dominance." When knitting Fair Isle, you work with two colors in any particular row. Depending on how you hold your yarns, this will determine the look of your design. If you want the pattern to stand out or come forward as it embossed, you hold that colored working yarn in your left hand and knit "Continental" (catching) - all the while holding your contrasting yarn (background color) in your right hand knitting "English" (throwing). If you want your pattern to "recede" into the background color, you switch the yarns while STILL observing the color scheme in your design. In this video, I demonstrate the two-handed method for fair isle knitting. The "all English-style" may also be used to get the same effects depending on which way you cross over or under when knitting the two - being mindful to always observe one or the other. Thank you for watching!
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